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The Era of pre World War II Lufthansa Flights between Europe and South America





The pictures are published with kind permission of the Deutsche Lufthansa (permission of 14-2-2011)

Most important were the Airport Stuttgart-Böblingen, the Catapult Steamers and the Seaplanes.



An article published in the West Africa Study Circle (WASC) - CAMEO VOL. 11 No. 3 Page 184-189 - OCTOBER 2009

Visit our home page on the internet at www.wasc.org.uk



Trial Flight Catapult Ship Westfalen to Natal / Brazil 1933 addressed to Permambuco



(Christmas cancellation used with L43, b=Berlin)

Christmas Cover L43 with Berlin cancellation and datestamps to Natal / Brazil.

available on eBay



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The copyright of that article published on the website of HAHNSTAMPS remains with the author (Klaus Hahn) and the society (WASC)

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Deutsche Lufthansa - South Atlantic Airmail Service / James W Graue and John Duggan. Softcover book of the Zeppelin Study Group.

This book is the story and the detail of the development of the Deutsche Lufthansa South Atlantic airmail service, beginning with the 1933 trial flights and concluding with the end of the service at the inception of World War II. As such the book ist intended as a historical survey, foundation for further research and study, and guide for the recognition, collection and valuation of the airmail flown by the DLH on the South Atlantic route during the 1934-1939 period.


Softcover, 236 Pages, with many pictures, covers, cancellations, and flight lists. Catalogue valuation in GBP.



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