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 My Societies


I'm a member of the following societies:


FIPSG - Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group  

 SHATPS - St. Helena, Ascension & Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society

WASC - West Africa Study Circle  

ASC - Ascension Study Circle  

PPHSGB - Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain  

ASPP - American Society of Polar Philatelists 

IOSC - Indian Ocean Study Circle  

 MPS - Mauritius Philatelic Society have a look to the archive section with the newsletters

 Polarpostsammlerverein Bielefeld

ArGe Polarphilatelie   

BDPh - Bund Deutscher Philatelisten  

Tristan da Cunha Association   

PISG - Pitcairn Islands Study Group

PNI - Pitcairn & Norfolk Islands Society

FOSH - Friends of St. Helena

American Philatelic Society

British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group

British West Indies Study Circle

Civil Censorship Study Group

The Royal Philatelic Society London


 Interested to join? - then use the links above or write me.


 (My favorite society: SHATPS - visit www.shatps.org)


Ascension Island

Copyright © 2012 Mike Mueller



Tristan da Cunha

Copyright © 2012 Philip Hicks

St. Helena

Copyright © 2012 John Coyle


(3 different advertising SHATPS banners you can find here: UPU PPC's Jackson, Tristan da Cunha and St. Helena - you can copy and use)



What means SHATPS?

Your are a collector of Tristan da Cunha, Ascension and/or St. Helena? Then join "the little society with the big name" St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Societey (SHATPS) to get it's valuable quarterly journal, the South Atlantic Chronicle and profit by other benefits - you are always welcome!

More infos and Membership Application Form on the SHATPS website, click here - on the SHATPS website you can download a sample journal of the society.

or contact secretary@shatps.org

or by post: Klaus Hahn, P.O. Box 14, D-71145 Bondorf




SHATPS Publications  



New - all SHATPS publications available for society members and non-members on DVD (1977-2015):

You can buy a DVD package with all articles ever published in the journal and other society publications. The two-DVD set is available for users of Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 10. For users of Mac's, the software should work in Windows-emulation mode.


Cost of the package? A very reasonable US$ 35 plus postage to members, US$55 plus postage to non-members.

That's a reason to join SHATPS and you will get accumulated knowledge for a very reasonable price!

Please click here for details and an on-line order form or ask secretary@shatps.org





No cover is able to demonstrate better the inter-islands collecting interests

  Contributions - to the South Atlantic Chronicle (SHATPS): 

St. Helena Censored Cover 1942

Two ship visits to St. Helena


The first Formula Registered Envelopes of Tristan da Cunha

St. Helena - not every Kiderlen cover is philatelic

 Rev. Rogers, the "Quest", and a cover from Tristan da Cunha, 1922

 Quest at Tristan da Cunha 1922 - Part II

S.S. Reliance - a cruise ship on visit off Saint Helena

 Questions on an Ascension PC

 The Boer Prisoner of War Lt.-Colonel von Braun

 Is it time to consider setting up SIGs to our Society? Co-author with P. Hicks

 Members Overwhelmingly Support SIG's Co-author with P. Hicks

 The Eastern Telegraph Company in Ascension

 Unlisted Tristan da Cunha cachets - a follow-up

 Operation ARGUS

 Forwarded St. Helena Ship Letter of 1836

 Tristan censored covers during WW2

 Unknown Picture Post Card "Crescent", St. Helena

Auction Review - Kelleher Auction April 2012

A registration label mystery

An exciting aspect of collecting modern registered covers

Tristan da Cunha Proof Cancels

A new cancel on a cover of Ascension

The Tristan da Cunha handstamps - Type I to Type X - Part I (1908-1951)

Tristan Cancellation Part II 1952-1963

Tristan da Cunha Cancellations - Part III

An Unspectacular Cover

Kelleher Auction Report (May 2014)

A remarkable post-war cover from Tristan da Cunha (Aug. 2014)

New late usage of Tristan da Cunha Type IV cancellation (Nov. 2014)

A message from Buckingham Palace to Ascension's Resident Magistrate (Feb. 2015)

Tristan da Cunha (Co-author with Dr. Philip Hicks - May 2015)

A censored cover from an to Tristan da Cunha (May 2015)

O.H.M.S. covers from Tristan da Cunha (August 2015)

H.M.S. Bermuda censored covers of 1940 (August 2015)

St. Helena "signed-for" mail (November 2015)

Tristan's famous addressees (November 2015)

S.M.S. Sperber at St. Helena (November 2015)

Austro-Hungarian Empire Ship's visit to St. Helena (February 2016)

Tristan da Cunha - Insufficient Postage Cachet (February 2016)

British Censorship during WW2 on Ascension Island (40th Year Anniversary Book - May 2016)

Type II Shackleton-Rowet-Antarctic Expedition Cover (August 2016)

An unusual Radio Cover from Tristan da Cunha (August 2016)

Tristan da Cunha - new type Va cover found (November 2016)

RMS St. Helena at South Georgia (November 2016)

Unloved Date Stamp of Tristan da Cunha 1982 (February 2017)

The Postal History of Tristan da Cunha (February 2017)

Frank Wilde (May 2017)

Innes/Jackson Photos and Postcards (August 2017)

The Jeanne d'Arc at Tristan da Cunha and St. Helena - part 1 (August 2017)

80 Years ago - The Coronation Stamps 1937 on Cover (November 2017)

The "Dear Doctor" postcards (November 2017)

The Jeanne d'Arc at Tristan da Cunha and St. Helena - part 2 (February 2018) 


  to Upland Goose (FIPSG)

An Interesting 1982 Cover 

An Interesting 1887 Cover

My Favourite Cover

Diary of the Captain of MV Baltic Ferry during Falkland War

Not every Kiderlen Card is philatelic

The Story behind a KGV Letter Card

Further Schlottfeldt stamp dealer connections

Further Rev. F. Migone correspondance

Bolivian Falkland Connection

Operation Keyhole, a philatelic study


to Cameo (WASC)

DLH Catapult Flights between Gambia & Brazil

Private Lettercards of St. Helena


to POLARPHILATELIE (Arge Polarphilatelie)

Mein Sammelgebiet Tristan da Cunha - Inseln im Nirgendwo


to The Falkland Islands Journal 2012

MV Baltic Ferry - A Captain's Diary of the Falklands war - Co-author with Bill Featherstone


to the Pitcairn Log (PISG)

A special gift from the Pitcairn post office (Jan. 2015)

FRE from Pitcairn to St. Helena (July 2017)


to 20°10' (Mauritius Philatelic Society)

The Handstamps of the Outer Islands of Mauritius (Jan. 2015)


 to American Philatelist (APS)

Tristan da Cunha, in co-operation with Dr. T. Philip Hicks (March 2016)


to Bulletin of the British West Indies Study Group (BWISG)

A 1958 Montserrat cover which caused some questions (December 2016)


to The British Caribbean Philatelic Journal (BCPSG)

Montserrat - Proof Sheet 2016 (Jan. 2017)


2010 - Winner of South Atlantic Chronicle Award

2011 - Moderator SHATPS Yahoogroup

2012 - Secretary & Webmaster SHATPS 










Current society publications  

The Royal Philatelic Society London

SHATPS - South Atlantic Chronicle

index of articles

FIPSG - The Upland Goose

 ASC - Wideawake Journal


PPHSGB - Polar Post


 German Polar Philatelic Society

German Polar Philatelic Study Group

Pitcairn Islands Study Group

Tristan da Cunha Association

 ASPP - Ice Cap News

Indian Ocean Study Circle


Friends of St. Helena

PISG - The UK Log


SHATPS - 40th anniv. book

Mauritius Philatelic Society

BDPh 12x/y

American Philatelist  


FIPSG Monograph No. 15


 MPS 25th Anniv. publication 2014



SHATPS postal stationery and

self-adhesive stamps

(personalized) available here:




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