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 Ascension Island - Pictorial Postcards

 - under construction -



ASCENION - A view in the interior,

published and sold during the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York at 30 August 1901 on Ascension Island

-- scarce --

Barter's Cottage, Green Mountain, 2.800 feet above sea level. Ascension.


Cable Hut, Comfortless Cove, Ascension

View of Ramps. From Green Mountain, nearly 2,800 feet high, Ascension

Rock Cottage. Green Mountain. Ascension.

View of S.W. of Island, from Green Mountain. Ascension.
  Commandant's Offices, Barracks and Salt Water Tower. Ascension

Admiralty Cottage, Ascension

View from Green Mountain, Ascensioon, 3000 ft. above sea level.

George Town South, Ascension.

View of S.W. of Island, from Green Mountain, Ascension

The Gardens, Green Mountain, 2.000 feet above sea level, Ascension


Sanatorium for South Atlantic Squadron, Ascension



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